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LGBTQ+ Life Coach - Embrace Your Growth

Welcome to Embrace Your Growth, my name is Pantelitsa, but usually, people just call me Lisa. I am a transformational life coach. London-based, I studied Transformational Life Coaching at the Animas Centre for Coaching.

Life itself is a journey, and if you don’t have the right roadmap, you can feel lost.

If you have ever felt like you are stuck in a rut or achieving all you really want from life, don’t be dismayed because you are not alone. You are a work in progress, just as I am a work in progress. We all get like that, it’s what we do next that really makes the difference. At Embrace Your Growth my aim is to take you a journey of self-discovery.

As we take a journey together I will challenge your thinking, stimulate your creativity and lead you on a path of self-discovery. You already hold the key to your path and I will give you the tools and questions to help you unfold the answers and questions you already know within yourself.

I am far from being perfect in fact I am a work in progress just like you are. You will never see me wear a suit or try to impress you by my clothes, I’m your jean and t-shirt women and at times I have a baseball cap on and track suit, being authentic and comfortable is key so if we ever meet face to face come as you please wear what you want just be your authentic self. The fact you have taken this step to come to me show improvement. We all have good days and bad days, I would say I can help you in many areas but my goal is to truly help you to Embrace Your Growth no matter what’s going on in your life. I want to know all that you are and all you want to be, what your desires in life, what goals you want to achieve, what you like to improve on and also I want to know your success story’s. I want to embrace everything you are in order to progress forward there are no limits. Everything we will discuss is completely confidential. Trust and honesty is key to a happy working relationship.

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