LGBTQ + Laser Clinic EssexLGBTQ + Laser Clinic Essex
LGBTQ + Laser Clinic Essex

LGBTQ + Laser Clinic Essex

Hello #LGBTQ+ community we hope you are well and staying safe! At Pink Pound we’ve been working very hard to find the best laser hair removal clinics and services to help you move forward within your life, while rebuilding your confidence!

Please welcome our latest Pink Approved Partner – Leigh-On-Sea Laser Clinic

Rosie currently helps members of the LGBTQ+ community and is also a great supporter for LGBTQ+ equality. You will have access to a private and confidential service. You can feel rest assured, that you are in SAFE hands!

Rosie is also listed on The LGBTQ + Friendly Directory

LGBTQ + Laser Clinic Essex

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LGBTQ + Laser Clinic Essex – Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Situated in the south of Essex, near Southend, we provide professional Laser Hair Removal treatments using Eneka PRO medical grade Diode Laser for high power, permanent & virtually pain free Laser Hair Removal.

A welcoming place for Laser Hair Removal!

Leigh-on-Sea Laser Clinic was created by Rosie, where we use the latest Medical Grade Eneka PRO Diode Laser technology to ensure we offer the most effective Laser Hair Removal treatments. Eneka PRO offers quick, safe and effective Laser Hair Removal.

We are members of the LGBTQΒ πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆΒ PLUS community and featured in the list of accredited laser companies within the community. We provide a safe space and none judgmental environment.

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Tel:Β Β 07862 880 804

Don’t forget to mention Pink Pound when booking an appointment with Rosie!