LGBTQ + Tattoo Studio CanterburyLGBTQ + Tattoo Studio Canterbury
LGBTQ + Tattoo Studio Canterbury
LGBTQ + Tattoo Studio Canterbury

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LGBTQ + Tattoo Studio Canterbury

Hello #LGBTQ+ community we hope you are well and staying safe! At Pink Pound we’ve been working very hard to find the best services to help you move forward within your life, while rebuilding your confidence!

Please welcome our latest Pink Approved Partner – Hollie Robinson Tattoo

Hollie is a queer tattooist from Kent working in a private, accessible space. Working together with her customers to provide a professional service from start to finish.

Hollie entered into tattooing as a neurodivergent creative, wanting to push for a calm and inclusive environment for all customers. Everyone is welcome, she has experience tattooing all skin types and scarring. Hollie wants people of all gender, race and size to feel welcome and respected whether they enter as a one off, or long term customer. It’s important to celebrate our differences and feel confident in our own skin.

Hollie already helps members of the LGBTQ+ community and is also a great supporter for LGBTQ+ equality. You will have access to a private and confidential service. You can feel rest assured, that you are in SAFE hands!

Hollie is also listed on The LGBTQ + Friendly Directory

Hollie Robinson is one of the leading tattoo places in Canterbury. As a professional tattoo shop in Canterbury, they can provide a wide range of tattoo services to all customers in the local area. From coverups to new tattoos and much more, we have all your needs and desires covered. Hollie has extensive years of combined industry experience and is very reliable.

Hollie provides full tattoo design consultations, so that she can fully understand what it is you’re looking for. Once they have created the design, they will trace it onto your skin, so you can see the size and expected look before they start tattooing. Hollie uses the latest in tattoo technology to ensure a smooth and professional tattooing process. If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo and are based in Canterbury, then be sure to book an appointment or pay Hollie a visit today.

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@hollierobinsontattoo on Instagram.

Evermore tattoo space, Faversham, Kent. 

Availability 7 days a week by appointment only, consultations welcome. 

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